Monday, 9 April 2012

Messing about with Robots

Hi Everyone,

I've had a book on drawing different kinds of robots for ages called '50 Robots to Draw & Paint' by Keith Thompson, but they were pretty complicated and detailed, so I only recently started looking through it for ideas. I really like drawing robots, so here are a few that I've drawn (some I've borrowed, some are my own!). I hope you like them:

 This is one I made up and I got some ideas from "the Factory Worker" and "The Organic General-Use Soldier".

This is from the book, but I thought he looked cool and named him "Bob the Merciless"!

This is a Clockwork Man from the PC game "Rise of Legends" (love that game!)

Copyright Jacob King - this is my own robot that I am puting in the story I am writing called "Lumino"

I'd like to hear what you think.

See you soon

Jacob K.


  1. Brilliant drawings Jacob! Especially the one you drew for your own story!
    Glad you like the Robot book, too! :) Very proud

    Uncle Jon and Pete

  2. Your drawings are awesome. doodling has been a part of my life for years with no objective. It is nice to see someone with talent have an early plan for life. You would be great at drawing characters for video games. Keep it going and never let anyone get in the way of your dreams.

  3. Your work is great Jacob. Keep doing what you enjoy. I started drawing only two years ago and I am passionate about it. I think it will always be a part of my life.